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We are thrilled to announce the Wedding Photographer's Guide for couples! Download below!

What does it look like to provide an outstanding client experience? The key to our approach is effective communication and empathy. We often talk about how we would feel if we were in a bride’s shoes, having to track 100 details and timelines all at once. If sending an extra reminder email or working with the wedding coordinator on the schedule helps alleviate the mental load on our couple, we incorporate it into our workflow. 

Nearly two years into A&O now, we’ve worked hard to build processes and facilitate conversations that answer a couple’s question before it needs to be asked. As a result, we are thrilled to announce A&O’s Wedding Photography Guide!

Our guide is designed to walk our couples through the entire process of wedding photography from sending their initial inquiry to ordering their custom-designed wedding album. 

After reading through the Guide, we hope couples understand who we are as creatives and entrepreneurs, why we love what we do, and how we work through the planning process with each couple. 

What many don’t realize, is that only a small amount of our work is done by the time the wedding day is over. At that point, we’re working to cull thousands of photos, edit, and share your photos as seamlessly as possible. 

We actually write and publish a blog about each wedding and showcase our favorite photos from the day. After that, couples receive their full gallery in an online portal where they favorite images that we use to design their custom luxe wedding album. Couples submit their print orders after seeing the photos, and (we hope) write a review about their experience with us so we can continue to grow and improve.

Have more questions? Of course you do! We include FAQs in the guide, but if there’s something else that we can answer, don’t hesitate to reach out! Our contact info is literally all over this thing and our website so you can reach us 110 ways :)

you didn't think we'd make you read all this way and not give a special preview, did you? scroll through the Guide right here, and get the full pdf sent to your inbox so you can reference it later!

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