The Gala 417 Wedding Photographer

Barnes Wedding May 21, 2023

A&O Studios LLC

How to describe this couple... the top words that come to mind are vibrant and devoted. 

K+Z elected to have their first look during the wedding ceremony, which is a great move at The Gala 417 because they do their iconic swoop of the white curtains for the bride’s reveal. While K+Z were very sweet and had great energy the morning of the wedding, a switch flipped when they saw each other for the first time and were able to finally be together on their wedding day. Their smiles couldn’t have been wider and it was clear that they want nothing more than to be united forever. 

Something new we saw in this ceremony was the ring bearer passing their rings around the room in a little box for their families and friends to place blessings and well wishes onto the rings, which was so special!

After the ceremony, we whisked the bride and groom away in my Subaru to capture their newlywed portraits at a nearby property that was absolutely gorgeous! The unique thing about these portraits, though, is that the first half was a private vow exchange between K+Z that we simply captured in the background. We wanted their time to feel private and intimate, so we kept our distance, and couldn’t hear much of what they shared. But that is precisely why we love photography, the looks on their faces, now captured forever, say so much about the strength of their love and what finally becoming one means to them. Good thing none of the photos are of me or Ashley because we were both crying behind the lens. We took serious photos, we took fun photos, we took steamy photos, and we are just in love with the moments we captured of K+Z sharing the first moments of marriage together! 

The reception felt like the best kind of family party. The toasts were meaningful, the dance floor was dominated by the kids having the time of their lives, the food was delicious, and the couple had nothing but smiles and laughter.

We are so grateful that we got to know the families of K+Z. They were simply the kindest, most encouraging, and engaged folks. We felt so appreciated by everyone at the wedding, it was really meaningful to us both, and when we left that evening we truly felt like the day was a dream and we can’t believe we just got to live it. I imagine K+Z felt similarly…as they drove away in a freak-ing-BENTLY! I still can’t get over that The Gala drives the couple away in their own Bently, it was so cool, we were definitely jealous. 

Without further ado, please enjoy our photos of the most vibrant and devoted couple and wish them congratulations!!!


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