The A&O Engagement Photography Experience

Colonial Williamsburg and Precarious Beer Project
Williamsburg, Virginia

An engagement photography session is one of the most important moments during a couple’s engagement. It is an opportunity to set aside time to capture all of the excitement, emotions, and even the anxieties that come with this season of life. You’re only engaged once and the period of being a  fiancé is short in comparison to the lifetime of marriage–savor it!

You’re anticipating the most monumental day of your life, you’re likely planning the largest event of your life, and your head is spinning with about a million other things on your to-do list. When you hire a photographer for your engagement session, you need someone that will take care of everything–scout the perfect locations for you, walk you through every step of the process, get to know you and your fiancé ’s love story. 

With A&O, we take care of every detail leading up to your engagement session, and our storytelling approach to photography makes sessions a fun and stress free experience–something you likely need during this time!

When we say we're storytelling photographers, this means that we create an environment where the couple simply enjoys their own company, shares a few favorite memories, and dreams about the future life they’ll build together during the session. We’re simply there in the background to capture those reminiscent moments, the joy that is sparked by thoughts of the future, the looks shared between two people hopelessly in love.

If you're like J+D, your session may also include a great beer and some arcade games!

Our engagement photography sessions are 2 hours and include an outfit change. For variety, we encourage one casual look and one more formal look.

For many couples, an engagement session is the first time they’ve hired a professional photographer. One of our greatest strengths is helping couples feel comfortable being themselves in front of the camera. And if you were worried about looking ridiculous, once you see us crawling on the ground and into bushes to get the shot, its clear who the ridiculous ones at the session are. We'll just be doing our thing in the background and you can solely focus on one another. 

Because our Premium Wedding Collection includes an engagement session, we provide a unique opportunity to get to know each other and create rapport working together before your wedding. You will feel like a natural in front of the lens and the emotions captured in your wedding photos will be genuine.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about our engagement session process and seeing the product of our work in this session with J+D. They are such an adorable couple and we had an absolute blast exploring their favorite spots in Colonial Williamsburg, including Precarious Beer Project. 

Who doesn’t love a steamy moment on an air hockey table and a classic–toss her over the shoulder and show off the ring–photo?


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