Newlywed Session with K+T

Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia

Ah, the love between newlyweds, there's nothing quite like it. After stepping into a new chapter of life together, there are new challenges, and many new rewards to share with your spouse. Katie & Tyler simply radiate love, and we were honored to showcase their infatuation with one another in their newlywed session. 

After rescheduling due to weather and keeping our fingers crossed that the early afternoon rain would clear out, we had a gorgeous evening in Colonial Williamsburg with our beautiful and hopelessly in love couple! 

They moved us emotionally and sparked our creativity during the session. At every turn, we were gasping, crying, or yelling, “stop and serve that look again!” Ashley and I tend to be a little extra, but we find that helps with eliciting genuine reactions from our couples. While we always like to have a few poses in mind, the best photos come from couples interacting naturally while we find the right angle and lighting. 

What I am most grateful for on this journey with A&O Studios is my incredible partner, Ashley. Now that we shoot together and run this business together, I couldn’t imagine it any other way. Having two photographers is so beneficial because we can capture at least two angles of every shot and we can bounce off each other creatively. 

While one of us is setting up and adjusting camera settings, the other is talking with the couple and ensuring they’re comfortable and giving prompts. 

Here are a few examples of why a dual photography team is a game-changer. Each of these pairs shows the same moment, one captured by me and the other from Ashley. 

 In case it wasn’t obvious, Katie is gorgeous and this dress was made to be photographed! Katie actually wore this dress as her wedding reception dress, but didn’t get many photos in it because she was in her wedding gown for their portraits! We’re so glad that was the case so we had the opportunity to photograph her in this dreamy dress! 

Deciding when to call a session finished can be difficult, especially when you’re having fun and still have the light. We tried to call it a day more than once, but then they just kept being adorable and we had to snap a few more! 

Katie was getting chilly and we said we were finished, but when Tyler put his coat around her, brushed her hair back and gave her a kiss…we just couldn’t pass it up! 


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